SnappyEats Support

We provide our online ordering technology to restaurants across the USA along with our own delivery service in Oakland County Michigan. Please read each description carefully to help guide you to get the support you need. Our dispatchers will not be able to assist with any orders that were not placed using the SnappyEats delivery service

SnappyEats Restaurant Delivery Support

If you placed an order on our SnappyEats Restaurant Finder ( then please call our dispatch support line at 248-934-0732 for immediate assistance with your SnappyEats delivery order. This number is our dispatch line for our own delivery service that services Oakland County Michigan.

Online Ordering Support

Many restaurants use our online ordering technology as their own online ordering service. If you placed your order to a restaurant directly from their website then please contact the restaurant for any questions regarding your order. The restaurant will need to handle all support requests including, and not limited to, refunds, missing items, issues with the food quality, delivery status and will contact SnappyEats if additional support is required. SnappyEats is not authorized to provide any refunds to a customer without having a restaurant manager contact us.
Delivery orders placed to Moby Dick House of Kabob are not serviced by SnappyEats delivery. If you have issues with your Moby Dick House of Kabob delivery order then you will need to contact the specific location directly.

Restaurant Owners

We value the partnership with all of our restaurant brands. Our system is designed to make the service as self sufficient as possible. We encourage locations to receive the orders in multiple ways so there is no one single point of failure. If a customer is in need of a refund then the restaurant will need to contact SnappyEats with approval. SnappyEats directs all customer calls requesting refunds back to the restaurant. Live support is available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST. After hours support is available for emergency situations and you will need to leave a detailed message so a support agent can give you a call back. If you have a refund that needs to be processed after hours then you can leave a voicemail with all of the information or we encourage you to email The Restaurant only support number is 248-233-0626 or an email can be sent to